About Wisdom of the Horse

As a trained Horse behaviourist and whisperer, I can help
you and your horse have a happy, healthy relationship.

Improving Confidence

I work holistically, keeping your horse's welfare and education paramount. My aim is to help you and your horse to work and grow together. We will work at a pace that suits you both. No rushing, no bullying, just solution-focused, with a goal in mind.

The philosophy of Wisdom of the Horse is to promote welfare and training methods that understand and respect the horse.

Our aims and objectives are to work with you and your horse to overcome any issues and help you to communicate more effectively and confidently.

Whispering & Wellbeing

Many years ago, I watched a demonstration of "Horse Whispering" by Richard Maxwell. At that moment, I came to a conclusion; this was what I wanted to do! I went on to train and qualify with Kelly Marks and proudly hold the Monty Roberts Certificate in Horsemanship.

Since then I have attended workshops, seminars, and courses of many renowned horse trainers and specialists, including Mark Rashid, Heather Moffat, Frank Bell and many more.

I continue to grow and learn as opportunities present themselves.


Best Practice for
You and Your Horse

Wisdom of the Horse is dedicated to improving the lives of horses and empowering their owners to be the best they can be.

As a trained behaviourist, our specialist areas are Equine Massage, Reiki, Horse Behaviour, Coaching & Mentoring.

Whatever advice or training you and your horse may need, we want to help. Improve the life of your horse today and watch your relationship grow.


Need Some Helping Hands?

We offer horse reiki and sports massage, behaviour clinics, mentoring & workshops in Canterbury, Kent.

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