Betsy and Friday

I recently had the absolute pleasure of meeting and treating two gorgeous donkeys to Massage/Reiki sessions. They reacted to the treatment very differently and serve as a reminder of how we all see and feel things in our own way. I introduced aromatherapy oils to the treatment and offered the oil blend for Betsy to try first. She duly inhaled the oils; I took this as acceptance and applied them to my hands to begin the massage. Betsy was keen from the off, a bit wary of me working around her head, but soon settled. She was soon yawning, and nodding off…???? This beautiful lady has had a troubled past, but has been settled in her forever home for a while now and was happy to allow me to work and release

tension and hopefully release past trauma too. Friday wasn’t to be left out and frequently came over to nudge me and watch what was going on. I continued to work on knotty tight areas of Betsy and she willingly let me proceed. I gave Reiki when I moved from each area to the next, allowing Betsy the time to absorb, accept and receive the energy.
When we felt she had had enough we moved onto Friday. And what a gorgeous girl she is! she relished the oils I had chosen for her, and licked them from my hand hungrily, inhaling and absorbing the scent. She wasn’t quite so keen when it came to the ‘hands on’… But we stood quietly, hands gently laid upon her and soon she permitted me to start. Once Friday relaxed into the massage, she seemed to enjoy the sensation and I felt her relax under my hands. Betsy returned and asked for more Reiki by placing her head between my open hands, I stood there for a few minutes until she was finished.

It has been reported back that both donkeys are still looking brighter eyed and feeling great. So, I am very happy too ????