Equine Massage and Reiki

Qualified, fully-insured Therapist offers Equine Sports Massage and
Reiki for horses in Kent, Sussex and Surrey.

Sports Massage for Horse Health and Wellbeing

Equine Massage has numerous benefits that have been reaped for centuries.The unique hands-on approach of Equine Massage treats the whole body in a holistic manner; the application of specific palpation methods to assess soft tissue and symmetry of muscle and structure works on many levels to alleviate stress, tension and tightness. Different bodywork techniques are utilised, including sports massage, soft-tissue mobilization, stretching, as well as the use stress and trigger points combined to provide maximum support for horses working in every discipline. The addition of Reiki during the session also helps to provide mental and emotional relief, helping your equine friend to relax, ‘let go’ of psychological trauma and abuse.

At Wisdom of the Horse, we offer equine sports massage. As trained behaviourists, we will help identify sources of tension to treat your horse's specific needs. We are also fully insured so you are in good hands.

Equine Sports Massage Benefits

  • Release of muscle tension.
  • Enhances muscle tone.
  • Increased range of motion.
  • Increased quality of stride.
  • Eases tired, aching muscles.

These are just a few of the many positive changes you could see after your horse has enjoyed his massage. Massage also has many psychological benefits too, such as:

Psychological Benefits

  • Leaves the horse with the ‘feel-good’ factor.
  • Allows mental relaxation for your equine friend.
  • Permits the horse to ‘let go’ of past traumas.

Horses of all ages, shapes, and sizes can benefit, many of them find huge changes after just one treatment! As with all complementary therapies, Veterinary liaison is essential.


Reiki for Horses in Canterbury and surrounding areas. (Kent, Sussex, and Surrey) 

Over the years, I have found Reiki and Massage complement each other very well. Reiki can help your horse on numerous levels, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Your horse will certainly feel tranquil and contentment.

I have found, generally, horses enjoy their Reiki sessions becoming relaxed and even nodding off on occasion! It is completely non-threatening to the horse, so even nervous and highly-strung horses usually to accept it happily.

Distance Reiki

In these unprecedented times of worry and uncertainty, Reiki can bring a release from anxiety, and give you feelings of well-being and relaxation. I am happy to provide free distance Reiki to and your horses, simply drop me an email, so we can arrange a mutual date and time.

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We offer horse Reiki and sports massage, behaviour clinics, mentoring & workshops in Canterbury and surrounding areas in Kent.

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