Workshops for Horse Owners

Wisdom of the Horse offers a multitude of inspiring workshops designed to enhance your relationship and your horse's overall wellbeing.

Horse Owner Workshops in Canterbury, Kent

At Wisdom of the Horse, we believe in holistic practice to enhance your horse's wellbeing. We offer a range of workshops to help improve your relationship with your horse as well as improve their general health and happiness.

Equine Massage Workshop

​This one-day workshop travels to your yard and is designed to introduce you to the benefits of Equine Massage and demonstrate how to administer a superficial massage on your horse. It will be ideal for use as a daily/ weekly beneficial treat, as a great bonding process and also provide real comfort and relief for your horse following long exercise or competition.

Subjects covered will include:

  • Muscle names, location, and function
  • Possible problems associated with each muscle covered
  • Massage techniques and how to apply
  • Contraindications
  • Stretching Routine
  • Emotional/Psychology effects
  • Stress Point Therapy

We will work with 2 people to each horse and swap over at regular intervals. This workshop is quite intensive and pre-workshop information sheets will be sent out prior to the day for you to familiarize yourself with the muscles, functions, possible problems.

Workshop Details

Workshops are aimed at groups of 4-5 people. They will run from– approx. with a half-hour lunch break taken when needed. The cost is £60.00 per person, (plus possible travel expenses, dependent on area).

Please ensure all persons wear appropriate footwear when handling the horses. A safe enclosed area will be needed when working with the horses. (Kent, Sussex area.)

Equine Massage & Reiki

We travel to your yard to introduce and demonstrate the multiple benefits of Equine Massage.

Aromatherapy for Horses

Enjoy a day learning about the benefits of aromatherapy oils and how to use them with your horse.

Groundwork & Boundaries

A day dedicated to showing you groundwork fun and games and how to establish boundaries.

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We offer a variety of horse massage and reiki workshops as well as workshops for behaviour in Canterbury, Kent.

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