“How often should my horse have a massage?” Is a question many horse owners ask me. I generally recommend every 4-6 weeks if your horse is in hard or competition work, every 8 weeks if on a less strenuous work regime. The next question often on an owner’s lip’s is “How will a massage benefit my horse”?  In a nutshell, regular massage sessions help to improve circulation, this will increase blood flow to the surface and often result in a shiner coat ????. It can release tension and tightness in muscles, which may help with behavioural issues, head shaking, cold back, girthing issues etc. It can help increase the length and quality of stride, great for improving dressage scores, keeping those poles up or simply enjoying a hack with your equine friend! It isn’t a short cut or a cure all. It works on a holistic level, combined with correct feeding, training, farriery and vet care, massage can become a useful, effective and much welcomed addition to your routine horse care programme. Massage, along with Reiki can only do good for your equine partner. Why not book a session today and see the benefits for yourself 🙂 (Based in Kent).