Life Coaching and Mentoring

Are you looking for help in various aspects of your life?

Courses for Non-Horses

We don't just help you with your horses here at Wisdom. We also offer coaching sessions, either in person, video link, or phone to help you move forward in other areas of your life too... Our personal development sessions are designed to help and facilitate your growth and success.

You will feel empowered, refreshed and have a new clearer perspective on how to manage life's transitions with renewed optimism as well as develop a growth mindset.

Cultivate a Growth Mindset​

​We will work together to learn how to control those negative emotions and replace them with positive ones! We can of course, combine our sessions with your horse if you so wish. Horses are wonderful "mirrors". Their feedback is honest, direct and always in the present moment. Horses can bring our subconscious into the conscious and even allow us to heal past traumas.

The real-time feedback of horses, can show us the areas of development we may need to work on, for example, do we need to be more assertive, patient, or even less controlling?

Horses will bring our personal truths to the surface and provide us pragmatic solutions to nurture our self-awareness, encourage us to establish healthy, clear boundaries, leadership skills, better communication and a clear direction in which to travel.

Please be assured, we always work in a non-judgmental, congruent and client-led manner. We can work one to one, or in small groups. if this is something you'd be interested in, please get in touch.

Need some Helping Hands?

We offer horse reiki and sports massage, behaviour clinics, mentoring & workshops in Canterbury, Kent.

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