What does Wisdom Coaching look like?

The first coaching session is generally about developing a good rapport and relationship with each other and discovering your overall goal for the outcome of the coaching sessions. From here we can meet at your yard and hold the session with your horse present too if you like! Or away from the yard, over a coffee, we can even hold the meeting as an ‘active coaching session’ in this instance we will literally Walk and Talk, by holding the session in this manner, walking can help increase and improve your creative and problem solving  thought process. It doesn’t have to be a mountain climb; a gentle stroll will do! As well as receiving your daily allowance of Vitamin D your stress levels will reduce by being out in nature ????

Each session will each last approx. 45 minutes, depending on the time you have and what you’re hoping to achieve. Face-to-face, telephone and online coaching (eg by Skype, Zoom) are all possibilities.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” —Confucius

Be certain our coaching conversations are strictly confidential.  The coaching relationship is one based on trust and provides a safe space to explore any issue or problems that are slowing your progress or taking away your peace of mind.

We will use a model appropriate to your needs to ensure you make the best progress and choices for you. For example, we may choose to use the GROW model:

This allows us to explore

  • Goal – How can we best use the time today? What is the overall outcome you wish to reach?
  • Reality – What is going on? Are thoughts/opinions real? Do you have proof? What have you tried already?
  • Options – What options are available? Is there another way?
  • Will – What will you do now? By when? Do you need further help?

By the end of each session I want you to have reached a decision as to what you will do next and tangible plans to help you move towards your ambition. Be assured I will hold you accountable, be prepared to show or tell me what you have been working on at each session.

We will regularly evaluate if we are still on the correct path, has your goal changed? Why? We will work together and make any necessary adjustments to your coaching programme to keep on track. Your progress and growth are our priority and we will work in conjunction with you to help you to fulfill your goals and dreams.

Buy a block of 6 sessions for £150, (lasting up to 45 minutes) and you can use them when you need them.